Kayla P.

Yelp Review


The service was AMAZING! I had bought my couch a year ago and with in that time I adopted a new dog which I love but he completely ruined my brand new couch :( I decided to get it cleaned because I was moving and wanted to to look “brand new” again. When Justin came to my condo he was very friendly and took a look at the couch and was honest and said he wasn’t sure if these stains would come out completely. All I said was I just hope it looks better than it does now. When he was done I was amazed, it looked brand new! The service was great and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Oh and he even did the throw pillows for free :) & there were no annoying sale pitches when he got there. Just honest pricing, which I was so happy about. AND they use 100% organic products. You really can’t go wrong with them!
— Kayla P.
Gracie Gallegos