Close up view of technician measuring and repairing carpet

Re-Stretch And Repair

Many carpet issues can be easily resolved without having to resort to expensive replacement. Prior to discovering our passion for organic carpet cleaning, we provided professional carpet sales and installation. Our years of expertise in this area allow us to offer you high-quality re-stretch and repair services. We are happy to help resolve these issues for you.


Re-Stretch and Repair


Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your carpet. Therefore, we are happy to provide professional repair and re-stretch services.

A few things to remember about Re-stretch and Repair Service-

  • Deep stains that are impossible to remove with cleaning alone can be resolved with a professional technique of carefully patching in new carpet.

  • Re-stretching helps eliminate wrinkles in the carpet and will extend the life of one of the largest investments in your home.

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