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Customer Service

Personal service. Small local business. Friendly folks.

Yes. Businesses like this really do exist. We love taking good care of our customers!


Customer Service

We feel that good, quality customer service is becoming a lost art. We want to keep it alive and try to go above and beyond in this area. You will never have to wonder if we will be true to our word. You won’t experience up-selling or hidden fees. We communicate right away if there are any complications in scheduling or other details. You can trust that when you call us you will speak to a friendly representative, or one we will return your call personally as soon as possible. We offer a confirmation process that helps you prepare and know exactly what to expect when we come. And, of course, we are always here to answer any questions.

Barefoot Organic Company is the real deal.  Their customer service and the results from the cleaning are top notch—this company reminds me of the “old” days where a business cared about the customers and wanted to leave a good impression of their work.  Barefoot Organic did that for us…
— Pam N.