Organic Carpet Cleaning

Did you know…? Proper maintenance and cleaning of your carpet not only helps to keep your home safe and healthy, but it also prolongs the life of one of the largest investments in your home. See a description of our green carpet cleaning options below.

Choose a service option:

Basic Cleaning includes:

  • Professional & Respectful Technician – Owner Operated

  • Pre-Cleaning consultation to discuss your areas of concern

  • Installation of guards to protect corners, furniture, etc.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Cleaning Process:

  • Pre-Inspection & Vacuuming

  • Organic Pre-Spray Throughout (not just problem areas)… Contains Hot Concentrated 100% Organic Solution

  • Powerful Truck Mount Hot Steam Extraction System

  • Use of High Tech Cleaning Wand

  • Carpet Grooming (Stand carpet fibers up for faster drying)

  • Complimentary shoe covers provided for you and your household. (Prevents re-soiling while drying.)

Deluxe Cleaning includes:

Same as Basic Cleaning (above) plus…

  • Remove/Replace and block up to 2 pieces of furniture (Per JOB- some restrictions apply)

  • UV-C Sanitizing … Proven to kill 99% of Influenza A (H1N1), MRSA, E. coli, Bed Bug Eggs, Dust Mite Eggs

  • Hot Water Rotational Deep Cleaning Extraction Equipment… Agitation of Carpet Fibers - Getting carpets up to 10 times cleaner than using a wand

  • Concentrated Organic Enzyme Treatment for Up To 3 Stains or Urine Spots

  • Re-treat and Extract Stubborn Spots

Premium Cleaning includes:

Same as Deluxe Cleaning (above) plus…

  • Clean and Wipe all Baseboards

  • Remove and Replace Furniture (includes tab and blocks)… up to 2 pieces of furniture PER AREA (ie. chair, sofa, table - some restrictions apply such as electronics, antique, etc)

  • Groom and apply ORGANIC CARPET PROTECTOR throughout (promotes cleaner longer, easier stain removal for future)

  • Use of Powerful Air Movers - Upon Request

  • FREE one-time return for an accident/spill that might happen after we come but prior to your next cleaning. (within 6 months)

Along with your cleaning we give you a FREE one-time return for an accident that might happen prior to your next cleaning. (valid on orders over $300.00)

Example: In a month after your carpets were cleaned you have a dinner party and someone spills a glass of red wine on your carpet.  Just give us a call right away and we will come out for free to treat the stain.  No obligation!  Just our way of saying thanks for being our customer.