Steadman and Bailey

This is a tribute to all who have lost a dear pet and beloved family member. Our animals are so special and they leave us way too soon. If love alone could have kept them here they would have lived forever.

Woman on lawn with two pet beagle dogs.

Our long-time customer and friend, Jessica, lost both of her fur babies this past year. Steadman (Steady) and Bailey were adorable and loving Beagles that would have stole your heart at “hello”. They shared a bond filled with warmth and affection. At the end of their long life they dealt with several health issues, and I don’t think any mom could have loved them more or cared for them better than Jessica did. Their mom and dad made them feel secure with their kindness, nourished them with the healthiest of food, provided the cleanest and safest environment, and chose the best possible medical treatment. Even when they were struggling, they never lost their spark or sense of silly and managed to make their family smile. The joy and love that these two brought to others will live on in our hearts!

We all love our pets and give them the best care we possibly can. They touch our hearts and teach us what unconditional love really means. They seem to sense when we are sad and know just what it takes to make our heart feel lighter. While they are with us, we give them the best life we can by making them feel safe, happy, and loved. They are family and losing them is one of the most difficult things we go through. Many of our customers are pet owners so we wanted to take a moment to remember these littlest members of our family and celebrate the love and joy they bring to our life.

Shantell Gallegos