Family pet dog on dark gray shag area rug in nicely decorated living room.

Area Rugs

They protect our floors, are soft underfoot, and they pull the decor of a room together. Area rugs are one of the most hardworking elements of your soft furnishings. Our organic rug cleaning services help to prolong their life and help keep your home and family safe and healthy. Choose from on-site surface cleaning or full bath immersion cleaning that includes pick up and drop off service.


Area Rug Cleaning

We offer two organic cleaning options for area rugs. On-Site Surface Cleaning or Off-Site Full Bath Cleaning.

You may be wondering: Is it  safe or cost-effective to have my area rugs professionally cleaned? Yes! Our organic cleaning methods are actually very effective for most types of area rugs. This is in contrast to other methods, common in the industry, that utilize harsh chemicals. These chemicals can have a damaging effect on your rug fibers. For this reason, many of our competitors charge very high prices because of the risk involved in attempting to clean an area rug. At Barefoot Organic Carpet Care we are able to eliminate that risk due to our expert experience, gentle organic solutions, and attention to detail. We use our expertise to analyze your particular needs. We then customize the best method of cleaning based on the following factors:


This involves determining if your rug is synthetic, wool, silk, a blend of fibers, hand woven, etc.


Some rugs are custom or are from a different region - depending on the region some rug dyes are more stable than others.  We carefully test and assess the stability of dyes in a rug of this type.


One question we will ask when providing a quote: How large is your rug? Some standard rug sizes are 5’x7’, 8’x10’, and 9’x12’ - However, many rugs come in custom sizes. Having your rug sizes ready when you call will allow us to provide you with the most accurate quote.


We take into account the thickness of your rug. Some rugs are thin, shag, hand woven, etc.


There are various types of backing used for rugs and the cleaning method is adjusted based on  your particular rug.


There are a variety of fringing techniques used when rugs are made. We use the right method for the fringe on your rug.

Soil Level

The soil level of area rugs vary from light dust to heavy soil. We assess and recommend the adequate level of care for your area rug.


WHERE do we clean them?

On-Site Surface Cleaning:

Our most common method of cleaning area rugs is on-site hot steam extraction. We use this method, combined with powerful natural solutions, to clean the top surface of the area rug and (if requested) the backing as well.  This is our most requested area rug service because it is highly effective and yet very economical. Prices can vary and are based on the factors described above. But rest assured, we will suggest the most practical options based on your needs. No over-kill service or unnecessary up-selling. A basic rug cleaning, when added to an existing job, is often very affordable. Great peace of mind for very little investment!


A basic 5x7 Area Rug (mass-produced, synthetic or wool, light soil, low pile): $34.00 when added to existing job. Approx 80% of the rugs we clean fall into this category.

Off-Site Deep Cleaning

We are also pleased to offer a specialized full bath area rug cleaning service that is performed off-site at our facility. This labor-intensive, deep cleaning process often involves immersing the rug completely and washing by hand. This method is especially ideal for high value or heavily soiled area rugs.  For a high value rug that has been heavily soiled with urine, we soak it with a powerful natural enzyme for several hours and immerse multiple times to ensure the best results possible. This usually takes several hours to several days of careful cleaning. Our Off-Site Deep Cleaning service includes:

  • Area rug pick up from your home or other location

  • Careful, expert cleaning as described above

  • Full drying, off-site

  • Rolled and wrapped- to protect your rug

  • Delivery

Please note: because of the detailed process described above, plan on a minimum of 2 weeks for turn-around time.


Here’s a tip!

Regular vacuuming and steam cleaning can add years of life to your beautiful rugs. Dust and dirt can act as a type of microscopic sand paper. Over time, this wears down the luster of the fibers making your rugs look dull and dingy.